Engineer by day. Creative mind by night. On an exciting freeway of life, I set out to explore my passion with the support of my loving husband. I am inspired by nature and the beauty that envelops me on our travels.  I believe in capturing the world as it presents itself to me.

I look for moments in my day to day life that capture my attention.  I choose to use this blog to share those moments and to encourage you to find things in your daily activities that makes you smile.  It could be as simple as the shadow of a tree on the ground, the reflection against your toaster oven when making your morning coffee, or the skid pattern on the road as you drive to work.  There is beauty and happiness all around us.  Find yours.

Join me on my journey as you see my world through the lens of my (sometimes his) camera.

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir