The Festival of Lights

A very Happy Diwali to you all! Diwali.  The festival of lights.  It is my favorite holiday of the year.  I love the festivities, the lights and the yummy foods.  Imagine Christmas in… Continue reading

Fall is in the air

Having moved from Florida to North Carolina, I am completely mesmerized by the beautiful fall weather here.  On a recent trip with friends to the Smoky Mountains, I was slapped in the face… Continue reading

South of the Border

On a recent road trip from Florida to North Carolina, we passed through the state of South Carolina.  Right where South Carolina and North Carolina meet, there is an … attraction… called South… Continue reading

Angel wings vs. Airplane wings

What a welcome by the angel wings formed by the early morning condensation on the window of the Orlando airport terminal gate. The true angels may be the very people who ensure our… Continue reading

Cluster Me Pink

Surrounded by beautifully landscaped trees, mountains, and luxury, the 8000 acre Biltmore estate has found a special place in my heart.  I saw this elegant bunch of pink flower blossoms during our honeymoon… Continue reading

The Sky Gaze Challenge

There are very few things more beautiful than watching the colors that emerge as the sun sets across some marshmallow-y clouds.  This picture was taken during one of those glorious moments.  This reminds… Continue reading

To Knot or Not to Knot

Beautiful jellyfish swirling around in the water taken during my visit to the Georgia Aquarium referenced in yesterday’s post.  Watching their translucent bodies dance across the water invokes an almost zen-like feeling.  I love… Continue reading

Motion in the Ocean

I recently had the opportunity of visiting my first aquarium and this photograph is from that memorable visit. Growing up in Kenya molded me to support the freedom for animals. However, the awareness… Continue reading

The Florida Cliche

We have travelled all over the state of Florida in the last few months.  This picture was taken during our road trip to Sarasota over a Sarasota Bay causeway.  There is something calming… Continue reading

A Bird in the Hand

I was greeted by this beautiful white bird one day when walking to my car.  It peacefully rested on the tree enjoying the warm Florida sunshine and breeze.  The palm tree leaves peaking… Continue reading